SINGPRO is the first and only fully mobile Gospel vocal coach program that works right off your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer! It is easy to use and will increase your vocal range, power, tone and pitch. Singers from all over the world use SINGPRO to warm up for a show, practice their songs, train with their teachers and build their voice.

SINGPRO is the First Truly Mobile Gospel Vocal Coach

Being able to schedule in an in-person vocal lesson when you’re on the road or not in a major city can be tough. SINGPRO brings the expertise of a live gospel vocal coach right to your mobile device. David Stroud has worked with the top musicians and singers in the industry and personally developed this mobile vocal lessons application to make vocal training on the go easier than ever before.

With SINGPRO You Are Easily Able To:

  • Have The Ability to Record
  • Utilize a Video Library To Track Progress
  • Social Media Connectivity to Share Your Vocal Capabilities and Art
  • An Online Vocal Journal to Save Vocal Work
Vocal Coach

Save Money and Time with SINGPRO Mobile Gospel Vocal Lessons

SINGPRO is a virtual vocal studio right in the palm of your hand. Designed for both professionals and those looking to improve their vocal range and capabilities, SINGPRO is the #1 interactive vocal lesson and training tool that takes your voice to the next level.

Save hundreds of dollars on vocal programs and in-person vocal training. SINGPRO is designed to give you the freedom of travel and works around YOUR schedule and demands. If you’re an artist you know that every dollar counts. Instead of paying hourly or for vocal lessons regularly, now you can get coached by the best for one flat fee.

Gospel Vocal CoachSINGPRO is user friendly and comes with a massive amount of perks:

  • Fully Interactive
  • Customized Evaluations
  • Personalized Vocal Work-outs
  • Pitch & Harmony Training
  • Live Vocal Help
  • Trackable Progress
Allow Expert Gospel Vocal Coach David Stroud Teach You Wherever You Are

David Stroud has worked with the likes of the Pentatonix, Frank Ocean, Cee Lo Green, Stokely Williams, Adam Lambert, Mike Posner, Rachael Lampa, Demi Lovato, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and the list goes on. Have elite and expert vocal coaching in real time.

Dave Stroud has successfully applied the technical, artistic, scientific, and developmental aspects of the voice to thousands of voices all over the world. Through his scientific approach blended with his focus on artistry, Dave has been named one of the world’s leading gospel vocal coaches. But why have his expertise only be limited to those that can see him in-person? With SINGPRO you have a pro in the palm of your hands and in the privacy of your home, hotel room or tour bus.

Singing Lessons

Vocal Coach David Stroud

Innovations in Online & Interactive Gospel Vocal Training

Dave pioneered the leading vocal company VocalizeU.  Through this company, Dave has created SingPro, a vocal program designed to individually assess a singer’s voice and create personalized warm-ups and practice tips.  SingPro is used by top singers in the music industry including Natasha Bedingfield, Big Sean, Jordin Sparks, and Martina McBride. It is also used as core curriculum in many national and international music schools including South Plains College, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Tokyo Shabuya School of Music, Sendai School of Music, and others.

Establishing a strong vocal coaching community is a priority for Dave, which has led him to create organizations for teachers and singers including VocologyInPractice, Speech Level Singing teacher certification program, the VocalizeU Artist Intensive Summer Event, and the VocalizeU Songwriting Winter Retreat. These associations have created an environment for singers and vocal coaches alike, and bring otherwise inaccessible education and connections to everyone that wants to sing like a pro.

Professional Vocal Lessons are Not Just for Celebrities or Industry Insiders Anymore

Strengthen your voice and learn how to perfect your pitch on the go. SINGPRO has a pop vocal lessons journal that stores your recordings, warm-ups, vocal work-outs and tracks and evaluates your progress. It can be as simple or in depth as you want it to be. Welcome to SINGPRO, your vocal adventure begins here.